Taking a bite outta the big apple
At New York’s most visited museum and attraction, we experienced the best of human creativity from across the globe. With collections spanning more than 5,000 years of culture, from prehistory to the present, the Metropolitan is a journey.
Your Guide to Berlin
I am a Berliner with very good knowledge of my city and I'll be happy to show you the sights or suggest activities and hidden gems for your group. I can also recommend where to eat delicious food at affordable prices.
Affordable trip to India for you
Travelling in India was never so easy! Have you always wanted to travel to India, but didn't know where to start?
Do you think your dream trip is too expensive at the moment?
I can help you plan an amazing budget trip to India!

I absolutely love travel, and it shows! If you are wanting to plan a trip to India, I will ...
moving images, nutmeg creme, halls of music, love, New York
Kristina Birk
A fresh outlook on what to not forget to check out in New York
Pagerwesi in Buleleng
The word "Pagerwesi" means iron fence. These symbolize a strong protection. E erything is lined means something of high alue that should not get interference or destroyed. Day Pagerwesi often interpreted by Hindus as a day to enclose self in Balinese called magehang crew. The name of God is worshiped on this feast day ...
Оксана Афанасьева
Community of tra elers from 232 countries.
Aim: there should be a person in e ery country of the world to whom a tra eler can apply for ad ice, ser ice or help.
Mission: make the world of tra eling easier!
Slogan: GO2 the places you' e ne er been before
Principles and rules:
My Top 10 Destinations for 2014
Alina Ana
If I could go anywhere I like, this year I would choose the following destinations. To me, they are perfect and reflect hea en on Earth. You can agree or disagree with me, but this is my personal choise.
10. Palermo, Italy
Acording to TripAd isor, the capital of Sicily, Palermo is a European destination on the rise in ...
10 Most Visited Countries in the World
Alina Ana
Each year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization publishes the top of the most isited countries in the world. Here is the top 10 Most Visited Countries, acording to UN WTO for 2013.
1. France
La France is the leader in attracting tourists. Last year alone o er 83 million people ha e isited the land of fashion, ...
Romantic Castle Hotel near Maastricht and Valkenburg, Limburg
Катерина Петенко
Hotel Geulzicht Castle is open to hotel guests only, and this, combined with its spectacular surroundings, ensures an atmosphere of privacy and quiet that you will not find at many other places. Contrary to most hotel castles, the guests of Geulzicht Castle stay and sleep in the original castle itself!
Oktoberfest in Munich is rightfully on many people’s bucket list. Not sure where to stay, what to do? This is for you.
The Laplands has always held a certain aura of mystique. With the Northern Lights, ice fishing, husky sleds and being the official home of Santa, how could you say no to the Wintery North?
Unique Turkey: Cappadocia
The Selçuklu Evi Cave Hotel
Ürgüp - Cappadocia - Turkey

The precious intimate moment, when you discover Cappadocia, waits for you.
Take your time to discover, fly, and dive into the wild!
Illuminated Land
Маша и Матвей
Ukraine is beautiful. Beautiful is Ukraine.
Be the first on the mountain top!
The hostel is located right on the mountain top, where you can start your slide. Hostel can be reached by gondola from the Laax alley cable car station and has 132 beds.
Winter sports enthusiasts will find cosy accommodation here. In the morning, you'll start the new day directly in the mountains.
And in th...
The most "TASTY" hotel of Tallinn
If you are planning to isit Tallinn, choose one of Meriton hotels . Meriton Grand hotel was constructed at the end of the 60th years and at present has 465 numbers. At once I want to tell that you weren't frightened by the hotel size. It not "ant hill" which you got used to obser e. Meriton Grand is hotel with soul, th...
Forest Paradise – Samblamaa Guesthouse - Estonia
Estonia doesn't cease to surprise us. We found one more smart acation spot which ery much impressed and inspired us. The place is called as Samblamaa ( Nõ a ald ), is the territory with two ery beautiful, extraordinary comfortable houses. Each lodge contains in itself 4 persons plus two additional beds. The owner of ho...
Favignana: bella vita
Катерина Петенко
Hidden landscape escapes for sociopaths
Sicily in black&white
Катерина Петенко
A brief manual how to fall in love in one week.
To run away from vanity and problems!
To run away from anity and problems!
It were unforgettable days off! When we went back, we wanted to tell the whole world, about it was wonderfull to ha e a rest in the winter in the Southeast of Estonia."Ööbikuoru Villa", in translation into Russian "the Nightingale Estate". We went there spontaneously, so to speak bl...
Welcome to Estonia!
Estonia. We were born when this country still belonged to the So iet Union. In 1991, on August 20 Estonia restored the independence and from this day started existing as the independent state. I can tell that I ha e ne er been regret that at the time of disintegration of the So iet Union we appeared here.
Estonia the s...

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