Conditions of the license agreement:

Please read the following terms. If you have any questions please contact us by email or by phone +41 (0) 79 104 1254.

Terms of use determine the relations between GO2 and Travelers, as well as Authors who give offers for travel.

Entering the website (hereinafter – the “Website”) you agree to the following:
  1. GO2 Sàrl, Rue de l'Eglise 10, 1963 Vétroz, Switzerland has all the rights for the website. Travel offers (hereinafter: Offers) and services in the sphere of tourism can be purchased on the website.
  2. When you purchase Offers on the website you enter into relations with the Author of the offer. GO2 is the Author’s agent and helps him/her attract clients, promote his/her offers and process payments.
  3. GO2 is the agent of the offer’s Author. GO2 receives clients’ money for paying the Offer, receives and distributes the money among the contractors, as well as transfers the money, which is due to the Author of the offer.
  4. GO2 carefully selects Authors of offers and makes Cooperation Contracts with them.
  5. If the trip didn’t take place because of the reasons that didn’t depend on you GO2 will refund the money that you had paid.
  6. If your plans have changed and you have to refuse the purchased Offer it can be done according to the Cancellation policy, which is fixed in every Offer. Study it carefully. When purchasing some Offer you completely agree to the given cancelation conditions. If the Cancelation policy is not given in the Offer general rules in point 7 ”Terms of Use” come into force.
    Note: As the agreement is concluded between you and the Author of the offer GO2 does not carry responsibility for the Author’s services. You can prefer claims only in respect of the offer’s Author (e.g. when rescinding the contract, lowering the purchase price or getting any compensation or payment of damages). GO2 can support you in your negotiations with the Author in case the Author’s services were not given.
  7. If you cancel or annul the payment for the Offer or GO2 does not receive the payment the booking will be canceled without any preliminary warning. You are considered responsible for the expenses and material losses suffered by GO2 or the Author of the Offer (bank or other charges or/and retentions connected with money transfer and refund). You agree that GO2 will retain the indicated sum of expenses and material losses from the reverse payment or that this sum will be taken from your credit card.
  8. The Author of the Offer is responsible for the whole information which he/she presents on the website. GO2 tries to check the accuracy of the given information, but the company is not able to check the accuracy of all information. That is why study carefully what you purchase and what kind of Cancelation Policy is offered in any particular case.
  9. In case of any arguments between you and GO2 the law of Switzerland will be applied and any argument is to be solved only by courts of Zurich in Switzerland.
  10. GO2 has the right to introduce reasonable changes in these terms of use. It is considered that the valid version is the one which exists during purchasing the Offer.
  11. You agree to the fact that your personal data available on the website are processed and kept in GO2. We use your personal data for booking purposes. Furthermore, the information given by you is used for providing the necessary level of the service, informing you about our products and services, surveying and improving the quality of the services.
  12. The website uses the following instruments of data privacy:
    • Cookies are small elements of the data which the Website can send to your browser, so that a better support while using the additional systems of the database could be offered to you. However, you can set your browser in such a way that it will either inform you about getting cookies or automatically refuse to accept them. So you can decide for yourself whether to get them or not.
    • However, if you do not accept cookies it means that you cannot make your own account on the Website and purchase Coupons.
  13. In order to improve the website as well as for some statistic aims we gather information about the website users. The data that we gather for Netmetrix and Google Analytics does not let make a conclusion about individual users.
  14. In order to purchase the Offer you need to register on the website. Your email address is necessary for approving the process of registration. After registration you get your personal account.
  15. We will inform you about updates and special offers on the website. You can unsubscribe at any time.