Affordable trip to India for you

  • Have you always wanted to travel to India, but didn't know where to start?
  • Do you think your dream trip is too expensive at the moment?

I can help you plan an amazing budget trip to India!

I absolutely love travel, and it shows! If you are wanting to plan a trip to India, I will help you decide where to visit, based on your budget and preferences.

If you already know where you want to go, I will help you figure out how to find affordable plane tickets, trains/buses, and lodging.

I can help you figure out where to stay and what to visit.

I will plan out 2 day worth of daily visits, routes, and sights (including opening/closing times and the cheapest entry prices or discounts I can find for each) for just $20. In the case you want for more time message me!

You will get information on:

  • Travel ticket
  • Hotel stay
  • Places to visit 
  • Any other questions!

Complete the questionnaire before you order!

Please be ready to answer these questions when you send the message:

1. Passport issuing country?
2. What Places do you want to Visit? (Leave if you want me to plan)
3. What Do you want to visit: Adventure/Beach/Culture/Heritage/Hill station/Historical?
4. For how many days you want the trip to be planned?
5. What is your Budget?
6. Any other trip related request

Message me for any questions! [send a request]


Thanks and Regards,
Bittu K.


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