I will create an insider travel guide on Southern California.

I lived all around Southern California for 18 years, so I know all about this unique state. I've visited almost every attraction here, so I can give you an original guide if you're going on vacation here or you just need some help with an article for your website. I have also gone to Northern California more than several times, so if you need an article on that, too, I can help. I can write a travel guide about the state or any city in it. In order to give you the most original article, please make sure it is specific (ie. nightspots, etc). Please do not ask for me to give you an overall guide, unless it's for your own pleasure and not to publish online or on your website. I will also not talk about overall attractions and overall restaurants. You must be specific if you would like me to talk about either attractions or restaurants.


If you are reading this description, I can also do a travel guide about any other place in the world, but I haven't been everywhere. I have been to various Hawaiian islands- Oahu, Lanai'i, the Big Island, and Maui. And I have been to various parts of some other states and countries. If you have any questions about where I have actually been and what places I can write about, don't hesitate to ask.


Delivery time is no more than 4 days.


1 page/500 words= $20

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Insider travel guide on Southern California - 1 page / 500 words.
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I will make an insider travel guide on Southern California up to 1 page/500 words.
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