Pagerwesi in Buleleng

The word "Pagerwesi" means iron fence. These symbolize a strong protection. Everything is lined means something of high value that should not get interference or destroyed. Day Pagerwesi often interpreted by Hindus as a day to enclose self in Balinese called magehang crew. The name of God is worshiped on this feast day is Pramesti Trance Master.
Paramesti Trance Master is another name of Lord Shiva as a manifestation of God to melt all that bad.In his capacity as Pramesti Trance Master, he became the teacher of the universe, especially humans.Life without a teacher equal to a life without a guide, so without any direction and any action so inconsequential.

Day Pagerwesi held on Buddha (Wednesday) POND Wuku Shinta. Feast was held 210 days. Similarly Galungan, including the Pagerwesi rerahinan gumi, meaning feast for all the people, both clergy and people walaka. In ejection Sundarigama mentioned: 
"Buddha POND Shinta Ngaran Pagerwesi Payogan Sang Hyang Guru Pramesti kairing ring watek Gods Nawa Sanga ngawerdhiaken sarwa tumitah sarwatumuwuh Bhuana kabeh ring." 
Wednesday POND Shinta called Pagerwesi as worship Sang Hyang Guru Pramesti accompanied by Gods Nawa Sanga (nine gods) to develop all that is born and everything that grows throughout the world. 
Implementation ceremony / upakara Pagerwesi is actually focused on the pastor or clergy religious leader. In ejection Sundarigama mentioned: 
The phallus apasang Purohita ngarga sapakramaning ngarcana Prameswara majesty. Ana samadhi yoga Tengahiwengi labaan ring the Panca 0Maha Bhuta, colored ring profess urip gelarakena natar corrected. 
The pastor should ngarga and mapasang phallus as befits adore Sang Hyang Prameswara (Pramesti Teacher). Midnight yoga samadhi, there labaan (offerings) to the Panca Maha Bhuta, segehan (made of rice) according uripnya five colors and delivered in the courtyard corrected (praying place). 
The nature of the ceremony Pegerwesi is more emphasis on worship by the pastor to perform the ceremony and Mapasang Ngarga Linga.

At midnight people are encouraged to do meditation (yoga and samadhi). Bantam most important for Purohita is "Panca Sesayut Linga" while equipment daksina, Holy Praspenyeneng and Banten penek.Although the nature of the feast Pagerwesi is worship (samadhi yoga) for the Pastor (Purohita) but most of the people were obliged to celebrate according to ability. Most core offerings Pegerwesi celebration for most people is natab Sesayut Pagehurip, Prayascita, Dapetan. Surely equipped daksina, Canang and Sodaan. In the case of the ceremony, there are two principal offerings are Sesayut ceremony Panca Linga for pastors and Sesayut Pageh Urip for most people.
Meaning of Philosophy 
As already mentioned in the ejection Sundarigama, Pagerwesi which falls on a day Buddhist POND Shinta Payogan Sang Hyang Guru Pramesti accompanied by Nawa Support the Gods. It invites meaning that Premesti Hyang Guru is God in manifestation as a true teacher. 
Conducting yoga then God created himself as a teacher. He who purifies himself will be able to reach the power of yoga Pramesti Hyang Guru. Strength that will be used to enclose themselves. The most powerful fence to protect ourselves is knowledge that comes from a true teacher anyway. True Guru is God Almighty. Because the core of it is a celebration Pagerwesi worship God as a true teacher. Adored mean surrender, respect, pleading, praising and focus. This means we must surrender our ignorance to God for him as a true teacher can megisi us to holiness and true knowledge.
On the feast day Pagerwesi is the most well closer to the Atman Brahman as the true teacher. True knowledge that is actually a "pager iron" to protect our life in this world. In addition Sang Hyang Guru yoga Pramesti with Gods Nawa Sanga is to "ngawerdhiaken sarwa tumitah muang sarwa tumuwuh." 
Ngawerdhiaken means to develop. Tumitah means destined or being born. Tumuwuh means plants. 
Develop life and plants we studied it is necessary that there is a balance. 
In the Bhagavadgita mentioned there are three sources of wealth are: 
KRSI which means agriculture (sarwa tumuwuh). 
Goraksya, meaning farm or raise cattle as the mother of all animals. 
Wanijyam, meaning trade. Trading is a service to producers and consumers. Gain the right, based on dharma when producers and consumers benefit. If no aggrieved party, it means no cheating. The benefits of cheating obviously undesirable dharma. 
Terpagari not life if not growing sarwa tumitah and sarwa tumuwuh. Human morality will collapse if the poverty-stricken man both poor morale and poor material. Pagerwesi feast day is the day to remind us to take refuge and devotion to God as a true teacher. Refuge and worship is one feature of the moral man without vanity.

Develop agriculture and livestock intended for human fence off from material poverty. Because it was fitting when the feast Pagerwesi seen as a day to fight themselves with the power meterial. If those two things (agriculture and livestock) strong, then adharma can not enter the human master. The interesting thing to understand is Pagerwesi is more reserved feast pastors (the purohita). This is understandable, due to the vibrations reaching Trance Pramesti yoga teacher is not easy. Only certain people can reach Pramesti vibration Trance Master. Because of the emphasis on the pastor and he that will continue in the general population. In the Hindu religion, purohita is adi teacher workshops are the main teachers of the community. Purohita the one who is more capable of moving the atma with asceticism. 
In Manawa Dharmasastra V, 109 stated: 
Atma cleaned with tapa bratabudhi cleaned with science (widia) manas (mind) cleaned with truth and honesty called satya.
Manawa Dharmasastra explanation is that the atma is not covered by the dark cloud of lust will be able to receive the spiritual vibrations of Brahman. Spiritual vibrations that as the iron fence of life and it is also the true teacher. Because it is so focused on the day that the pastors Pagerwesi ngarga, mapasang phallus. 
Ngarga is a place to make Tirtha for pastors. Before making tirtha, first pastor arga purify water, with pengasepan to be purified by certain spells so Tirtha produced truly sacrosanct. Making Tirtha in the ceremonies were done with mapulang phallus. Tirtha sacred that will be distributed to the people. Given ngargha mapasang phallus recommended by ejection Sundarigama on this Pagerwesi day, meaning the pastor should do the very key to achieving spiritual vibrations Payogan Pramesti Trance Master.
Panca Sesayut Linga Linga with core ketipat five manifestations of Shiva is begging to give the fort the strength (pager iron) in the face of this life. The pendetalah who have an obligation to present a more intensive in society. Omnipotence of God in its manifestation as the symbol of Shiva Linga Panca, Sesayut Pageh Urip for most or people who are still walaka. The word "Pageh" means "fence" or "firm" while "urip" means "life". "Pageh urip" meaning life or living firmly protected. The word "sesayut" comes from the Javanese word "cat" means safe or prosperous.

Natab please Sesayut means salvation or kerahayuan. Bantam Sesayut sesayut wear shoes and maiseh round shape of palm leaves. This shape symbolizes that for salvation to be gradual and premeditated. A goodness that can not be realized in a way that is ambitious. Thus cursory philosophy contained in the emblem ceremony Pagerwesi.
In India, Hindus have a feast called the Feast of Guru Purnima and Valmiki Jayanti. Guru Purnima ceremony at its core is a feast to worship him thanks to Rishi Vyasa collect and codify Vedic scriptures.Rishi Vyasa who compiled Itihasa also Mahabharatha and the Puranas. Bhagavan Parasara's son was also a revelation about getting purusartha Chess ie the four goals of life are then described in the book Brahma Purana.
Thanks to Rishi Vyasa services that Hindus celebrate Guru Purnima every year by conducting worship or terms in India doing Rishi Vyasa puja to grandeur by enacting various episodes of Rishi Vyasa. Rishi Vyasa is believed to be that teacher workshop teacher adi universe.
While Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated every October on Purnama. Valmiki Jayanti is a feast to worship the Rishi Valmiki Ramayana compiled a very meritorious 24,000 shloka. 24th. Ramayana sloka 000 was developed from the Tri At Mantra is a core part of the Savitri Mantra is more popular with the Gayatri Mantra. 24th sacred syllable of Tri At Mantra that is successfully developed into a 24,000 shloka by sage Valmiki thanks to her purity. Same with Rishi Vyasa, Valmiki Rishi was revered as a precious teacher workshop teacher universe is infinite. 
Until now, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana called itihasa is an iron fence of a man to protect himself from the attacks of evil lust.
If we may infer, presumably Day Pagerwesi in Indonesia with the Feast of Valmiki Jayanti Guru Purnima and has a passion for worshiping God and unidirectional sages as teachers lead people toward a strong and sacred life. Intrinsic value of the Guru Purnima celebrations and Valmiki Jayanti with Pegerwesi can be combined. But how to celebrations, certainly more precisely tailored to the culture or traditions of each place. What is important is the presence of compaction value or significance of the addition of Trance adore Pramesti Teachers will deepen understanding coupled with the services of the sages, such as sage Vyasa, Valmiki and Rishi sages are a boon for Hindus in Indonesia.


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