About us
GO2 is a group of people who is passionate about traveling and want to share their experience with others. We believe that every place on earth is beautiful and worth visiting. Therefore we are creating a place that can help people to travel more and pay less or even travel for free. A place of inspiration, supported by travelers and locals. A place where travelers will get help in trip planning regardless of where in the world they want to go. It is not just another traveling web site, it is a community of people. Community powered by GO2 team. Therefore it’s called GO2 World Travel Community. Main idea of this community is to share travelers ideas, experience, findings and great services from travel experts and trusted locals. The way we are making traveling easy is by placing everything in one place. We will have locals to represent their countries and travelers who share their adventures with each other. Since 2011 we've been active on Russian-speaking travel market and we feel that time is come for us to open community for English-speaking travelers. We believe it will make community better, more advantageous and will help much more people to explore our beautiful world.
People behind GO2
A visionary leader, Dimitri is a force behind GO2 and inspiration to all of us. He literally traveled half the globe.
She is a marketing manager. Inna´s inspiration comes from extreme sports like snowboard,longboard. She dreams to try surfboard somewhere in Spain. Inna believes that dreams come true if you really believe in them.
This girl is our editor. Maria is experienced traveler and she has been to more than 10 countries on two continents. She motivates people to travel more and iscover new in everyday life.
Oksana is our HR, she's the one, who put our team together. She is a star when it comes to find best possible candidates for the job.
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