The most "TASTY" hotel of Tallinn

If you are planning  to visit Tallinn, choose one of Meriton hotels . Meriton Grand hotel  was constructed at the end of the 60th years and at present has 465 numbers. At once I want to tell that you weren't frightened by the hotel size. It not "ant hill" which you got used to observe. Meriton Grand is hotel with soul, there it is quiet, cozy and easy.

On the reception, we have been served very politely and got room cards. We walked around and noticed that this hotel definatley has style, for example a carpet in corridors are embroidered with Estonian national ornaments each of which belongs to any area. Our room was on  the 5th floor, and this floor was with Suure - Jaani area ornaments.

Number with a big soft bed, windows in a floor with a fine view of the old city, the plasma TV, but most of all pleased us a surprise in the form of chocolate truffles with "Welcome" inscription on a plate and fruit.

Having got hungry, we went to choose a place, where to be supported. And here we became puzzled... Restaurants and kitchen, it is the main counter of hotel."Mademoiselle cafe" - for fans sweet. Cakes, pies, курасаны, chocolate, a truffle brought to order. At hotel the candy store and taste of these delicacies not to transfer to you, it should be tried.

"Cubano Bar" - the real Cuban rum and cigars. Beautiful waitresses in the Cuban dresses, Salsa, bright pictures, the holiday atmosphere!

"Sea Food Vodka Bar" - for fans of cold vodka with fresh seafood.

Asian restaurant "Wok & Grill" - tremendous meat dishes, a duck on Beijing and land! The restaurant offers both the menu a la carte and a buffet.

The Russian restaurant "Balalayka" was remembered to me not only an excellent choice in the menu, but also an interior after all on walls it is possible to watch the real Old Russian icons glass.

In the morning on a buffet in "Bistro Mary" the breakfast with a huge choice of food for every taste, from sandwiches, to an omelet with fried bacon moves. After a breakfast we went to Spa the center. In our opinion, it is one of the centers of Tallinn best a relax. Two huge jacuzzis, the pool with the massage zones, three baths, the bar, pleasant music, a zone for children with the children's pool. In total in order that morning began with excellent mood. In Spa salon, other most useful and pleasant procedures are offered: massages, peeling, and even Fish SPA - procedures by small fishes of "Garra Rufa" – rejuvenation, clarification, and skin improvement, massage of energetically active points.

And still we learned that the owner of hotel is fond of art. Hotel as a picture gallery. Everywhere pictures of known artists hang. And we had an impression that the owner loves his hotel very much, it is felt that he put there the heart and soul.

After days off in Meriton Grand Hotel Tallinn, we felt happy and had a rest. And not important who you are the businessman, newlyweds, or the married couple with children, here is all for everyone!

Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel
Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel
Модный и элегантный спа-отель и конференц-центр Meriton находится в центре Таллинна, в 400 метрах от Ревельской крепости и парка. К услугам его гостей благоустроенные номера с окнами от пола до потолка, а также современный спа-салон с крытым бассейном.

На территории комплекса Meriton Grand работают 5 ресторанов, где вам подадут превосходные блюда. Вы можете посетить рестораны русской и азиатской кухни, бистро Mary, бар Cubano, бар Seafood & Vodka и кафе Mademoiselle.

Все номера оснащены телевизором со спутниковыми каналами и бесплатным Wi-Fi. Гости могут бесплатно (до 11:00) посещать спа-центр и сауны, а также в течение всего дня пользоваться тренажерным залом.

Спа-отель Meriton Grand расположен в 10 минутах ходьбы от знаменитого собора Александра Невского и прекрасно подходит для прогулок по Верхнему городу Таллинна.


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