Welcome to Estonia!

Estonia. We were born when this country still belonged to the Soviet Union. In 1991, on August 20 Estonia restored the independence and from this day started existing as the independent state. I can tell that I have never been regret that at the time of disintegration of the Soviet Union we appeared here.
Estonia the small country which borders on Finland, Latvia and Russia - about 1 300 000 inhabitants and 15 regions.  National language - Estonian, very melodious, but not the easiest =)  In Estonia live about 30% of Russians that does this country incredibly comfortable for natives the USSR after all almost everyone here knows Russian. 
In 2004 Estonia entered into the European Union, and since 2011 currency of Estonia is Euro.  Each such event has pluses and minuses.  But plus is that with the Estonian (European) passport we can move acrossEurope without any borders.
We traveled over the different countries and even tried to live in Asia.  But understood that Estonia very comfortable country for living and remained here.  And now we want to tell to each traveler that this one of "MUST VISIT"countries, after all here is something, very unique, clear and tempting. 

Why do You need to visit Estonia?
1 . Medieval Tallinn. Capital of Estonia. The old city is included in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. From the XI—XV century the most part of structures, a network of medieval streets and the most part of a fortification (one of the most remained ancient city walls in Northern Europe) with all towers and gate remained up to now. And modern Tallinn isn't less beautiful. Parks, the embankment, teletower, the museums, excellent restaurants, clubs, the shopping centers, beautifully dressed people and expensive cars.

2 . In Estonia there are  1521 islands and about 60 beautiful beaches. If you come in summer - you are very lucky. We have an excellent beach resort in the city of Pärnu where beach parties are going till the morning,  there is a lot of youth, all have fun and enjoy  the summer. Thus in the capital the city of Tallinn, there are not less decent beaches and all of them within walking distance. And still there are many lakes and the rivers where it is possible to escape from vanity, and to take pleasure in warm campaign living in a lodge with a terrace, frying barbeque and listening to singing of birds. One of such places here: http://go2yourdream.com/2586


3 . In Estonia there are a lot of various Spa centers. Therefore,  it is good for everyone who wants to restore the health, or to have a rest.
4 . In Estonia also there is a ski resort in Ottepää, and even there is an opportunity to take for a drive on sledge with a team of dogs, to go on winter fishing, or hunt in the winter. By the way you can make all this here: http://go2yourdream.com/2604
5 .Thanks to the Schengen agreement, all borders in this zone are open and here equally conveniently it is possible to arrive by plane from Barcelona, to come on the ferry from Helsinki, or to arrive by car from Riga. For citizens of a number of the non-European countries, such as the USA, Canada, or Australia, to Estonia free entrance is also open.

Other facts about Estonia: 

1. Oleviste's church in the old city of Tallinn, in the 16th century was the highest construction in the world (159 m). Today the highest structure in Estonia — the Tallinn television tower (312 m).

2. In Tallinn there is the oldest drugstore of Europe.
3. In Estonia there are ostrich's farms.

4. The coolest knitted things can be bought in Estonia.

5. Estonia became the first-ever country where it is possible to vote by the mobile phone.
6. Skype was created in Estonia.
7. Estonian sprat with an onion and on black bread … What can be more tasty? The custom of its salting began to extend in Estonia after Northern war. And hundred years later Estonian sprat in thousands of barrels carried to the capital of the Russian tsars. In Soviet period the bank of a sprat  became one of symbols of Estonia. Today production classical "The Tallinn sprat" is stopped, but the similar product under other names can be found in shops.

8. It is difficult to find the inhabitant of Estonia who, especially in the winter, on a table would have no sauerkraut. This dish love in many families. 

9. In Tallinn there is Ekaterina the 2nd palace which was built by Pyotr the 1st. Thus Pyotr lived in a tiny hut. And on one of walls of the palace there are 3 bricks that he put by himself.

10.Movies in Estonia. The Three Musketeers, Sherlock Holmes's fragments, Bared in a hat, Carlson who lives on a roof,Adventures of a yellow small suitcase.

We really love our country and want to share it with all travelers! Welcome to Estonia!