To run away from vanity and problems!

To run away from vanity and problems!
It were unforgettable days off! When we went back, we wanted to tell the whole world, about it was wonderfull to have a rest in the winter in the Southeast of Estonia."Ööbikuoru Villa", in translation into Russian "the Nightingale Estate". We went there spontaneously, so to speak blindly.From Tallinn it is 2,5 hours of a driving.    Near border with Russia, in one and a half hours' journey from Pskov. Having arrived, we saw two very nice villas which are located between three beautiful  lakes. We ran out from the car, on the street there were about mines 20 degrees , around there was a forest, hills, fantastic villas...

 The reception was very small, but cozy. The girl kindly filled in our data and occupied to the room at number 7. It settled down in the second case on the second floor. The first and second case divides very cozy internal court yard.

We really likes the room.  Stylish carpet, soft bed, view to the lake, plasma TV, spacious bathroom. 
Antique furniture and pleasant trifles in the form of beautiful figurines, even hooks for outerwear were beautiful. We asked to show us other rooms and we were even more surprised.
Spacious number luxury was really nice with a kingsize bed ,warm terry dressing .The Jakuzzi, a set for a body care, a smart look - everything disposes to super comfortable rest.

We left to walk and see the views around. At  the hotel we met the owner who greeted us, whether took an interest we liked number and he invited us to the "black" sauna.We were delighted with such hospitality and accepted its invitation.Went on walk further and reached a beacon. There were fantastic view from the top.

We returned to hotel and decided to descend in the salty camera. It was our first experience of such procedures.
The salty camera looks as a cave of the yeti, walls are covered with salt, and on a floor at first sight - white sand, but actually it was also salt .To us suggested to choose color of illumination, we chose blue, settled on convenient plank beds, took cover a plaid and watched TV. Through any moment even on lips there was a taste of salt. Procedure lasted 30 minutes and as we were told, it is very useful to breath and helps from many diseases. It was pleasant to us!

And then we went to have supper. I want to pay attention to a tea collection. Tea is made of natural herbs, in Estonia, very tasty and useful. And chicken paste which we ordered, probably was better, than we tried in Italy =) For a dessert we tried a cake, it was so tasty, so we even didnt notice that ate it in one minute.

Then we had some rest in our room and went to try this "black" sauna.The "black" sauna is when a soot is besieged on walls and a ceiling. Such sauna has special spirit due to impact of a smoke on wooden designs of a felling. After the sauna is completely heated and completely the oven burns through, wash walls along shelves hot water an old broom. Then close windows and doors and take a steam bath. Temperature in a ban was about 120 degrees. Maybe it is more... Nearby there was a basin with cold water, but we preferred to plunge into a snowdrift. Is there would be a pond which is located directly at a bath in the summer. Having taken a steam bath once again we got into a huge barrel, a so-called Japanese bath. Night. On the street there is  minus 30, hair turned into icicles, and most warmly and well. Around forest and lakes, full moon, beauty...
On it our day ended and we went to the room. 

In the morning at 9 we had a breakfast(in the evening personal what time we wake up and what time would be suitable for us to have a breakfast). It was no habitual buffet. It was an unreal tastiness the omelet with vegetables, cutting from sausage and cheese, toasts and lat. 

After a breakfast we went to watch vicinities, and by the evening we had to come back home. It is sure that we will return to this country house soon, now this one of our most favourite places.

8 km from this country house are an excellent place for boards and skis. In 40 km from a country house the second place.
You want to do a bit of traveling in sledge with a team of dogs? Here it is possible.

This place will be suitable both for newlyweds, and for families with children. And can on the contrary, you just divorced and you want to take a time a miss from vanity and to be alone. And can you everything is simple got! ? Or work, or that occurs in the world bothered. Or you fisherman, hunter, snowboarder, skier? Here it will be pleasant to you.
And if you can't arrive now, please book for the summer, in tsummer here is very warmly, it is possible to swim and take a sun, to ride horses and to do some fishing. Rafting, barbeque, fire and very hospitable people!

Ööbikuoru Villa
Ööbikuoru Villa
Вилла Ööbikuoru находится в живописных окрестностях трех озер: Линъярв, Валгъярв и Сууръярв. Гостям предлагаются номера в романтическом стиле, а также детская игровая площадка и прокат велосипедов.

Номера с видом на озеро оборудованы кондиционером и оформлены в романтическом стиле. В каждом из них есть телевизор с плоским экраном и кабельными каналами, а также ванная комната.

В здании виллы работает ресторан Andreas, который специализируется на современных блюдах региональной кухни. Также гостям предлагается завтрак.

Гости могут отдохнуть в соляной камере или заказать массаж. В 10 минутах ходьбы находится пляж на озере Сууръярв.

Расстояние от виллы Ööbikuoru до Выру составляет 16 км, а до горы Мунамяги — 8 км. К услугам гостей бесплатный Wi-Fi и частная парковка.


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