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Selçuklu Evi Cave Hotel is located in the heart of Cappadocia, the Country of the Fairy Chimneys, in a small lane surrounded by gardens and local houses, it offers panoramic views of rock hewn caves and the old village of Ürgüp.


After 3 years the restoration was complete by the masters craftsmen of Cappadocia, these 5 houses together compose 20 rooms and luxurious suites settled around a delightful garden crimped in the rock.

The typical architecture with local stones keeps the hotel warm in winter and cool in summer in a natural way.

While sitting in the garden, you can pour yourself a glass of winethere is a wine container with two taps, where you can choose the red or white local wines.

This is paradise, accessible during your lifetime! State of peace and tranquility, private balconies from the caves - everything is to provide you privacy and a perfect relax.





Selçuklu Evi - Yunak Mah. P.K. 55

50400 Ürgüp - Cappadocia - Turkey

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Deluxe double room
The embroidered bedspread, the ornaments and the wrought iron bed will make of your stay a real dream. Then, you get into the bathroom where black and white are mixed in the marble. Bath or Jacuzzi. Bedding style: One French bed

Cave room

The Cave room was caved in the Cappadocia stones. To sleep in this room is really an original experience. On the wall, there is a beautiful wooden shelf painted in gold and red. In your private terrace you will have a breakfast or simply enjoy the marvelous garden view. Bedding Style : French Bed

Deluxe triple room

is spacious. The ceiling is sculpted and painted with gold and blue and creates an oriental atmosphere. Bedside’s lamps are unique model designed by handcrafter. Enjoy your morning tea or coffee on the oriental sofa. Bedding Style: 1 king size bed and 1 single bed.


Family suite

surprises by the intensity of the colours. Enjoy an authentic oriental lounge with a traditional table to have a coffee or a traditional tea. A pretty bedroom with handcraft and a cave bathroom. Bedding style: One double bed and 3 single beds.


Honeymoon suite

If you want a Honeymoon trip or if you need a romantic atmosphere with your best half, this experience is perfect for you. You will experience  a fairytale like Cinderella with a four-posters bed and the beautiful painting made by an artist.


Romantic suite

looks like a private villa with private terrace. Take the stairs and open the sculpted wooden door: The room includes a circle oriental lounge and a fire place. With marble bathroom,perfect to relax after visiting. Enjoy its romantic spirit. Bedding style : French bed


Sultan suite

is the most luxurious suite of all The Boutique Hotel. Enter in a small corridor decorated with an oriental chest. Find then an oriental lounge with a fireplace. You will relax yourself and take it easy in the large marble bathroom. Bedding style : Two king size bed.


Prices range from 100€ up to 165€/night for 2 people with breakfast (350€ for a Sultan suite).

Photos of the romantic and honeymoon suites



In the arched dining room you will taste, always served on ceramic plates, the local cuisine and its large variety of flavours, one of our strongest points. The many types of Turkish wine chosen from our cave cellar will guarantee more pleasure to your meal.

You can taste traditional Turkish dishes, served in its original way:

  • kebab- is the common name for a dish where meat (lamb, beef, chicken) is coated around a skewer and grilled over a charcoal fire.
  • cacik—a refreshing mixture of diluted yogurt, and grinded cucumbers, spiced with garlic and mint. On summer evenings cacik is even served with ice cubes.
  • köfte - its basics is ground meat (usually lamb or mutton) mixed with crumbled bread, minced onions and spices. You will more often find Izgara Köfte, a variety of the dish, served as grilled meat with vegetables, and chopped parsle.
  • dolma - vegetables either fresh or dried eggplants, peppers, tomatoes or zucchinis are stuffed with a mixture of rice and onion with various spices
  • manti – a kind of dumplings, served with two main ingredients: the dough and the filling - grounded beef or lamb, onion, salt and pepper.
  • yarpak sarma — wrapped vine leaves filled with rice


Activities in/around the hotel


In the Oriental room you can have relaxing moments reading, chating, or playing the board games available in a friendly and warm atmosphere. 

Just 100m away from Selcuklu Evi there is an ample and nice swimming pool (payed access). You can dive into the pure clear water and refresh yourself after a full day of activities.


Cappadocia is an ideal place for hiking, and walking tours. Some points of interest are also accessible by bus.
Do not miss the possibility to fly! You can take a 1,5 hour ride on a balloon and glance on the Mars-like terrain from above.



Getting there


By bus/coach


Istanbul - Urgüp : a bus in the evening - approximately 10 -11h of ride. Arrival at the bus station of Urgüp.
Ankara - Urgüp : a bus every hour - approximately 4h30 of route. Arrival at the bus station of Urgüp.

Urgüp is served by all the cities of Turkey.

The staff insures your transfer from the bus station to the hotel. Hotel has a possibility to book  tickets for guests.


By air
Istanbul - Kayseri : approximately 3 flights per day with Turkish Airlines.
Izmir - Kayseri : Flights on Thursdays and Sundays.

You can easily get there, flying Turkish Airlines, so follow the link to SEARCH FOR TICKETS


By car

Along the road, regular panels will guide you to Selçuklu Evi. The hotel is situated next to the factory of wines Turasan.


Hotel website

The Selçuklu Evi Cave Hotel
Tel : +90 (384) 341 74 60
Fax : +90 (384) 341 74 63

For hotel reviews, please, refer to our Cappadocia experts.


Selcuklu Evi Cave Hotel - Special Category
Selcuklu Evi Cave Hotel - Special Category


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