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  • "To be fair, I wasn´t sure about this project in a beginning ,there are a lot of web sites out there, that trying to make money on traveling. But this one is different, it is truly for travelers by travelers. And it´s very easy in using, I just posted a cool offer of my own project, and GO2 handled the rest. It´s simply brilliant"
    Alexander Isachenko
    Experienced traveler and Founder Trip&Work
  • "Since I'm traveling for snowboarding and wakeboarding for several years it was my desire to involve people to active lifestyle. GO2 team helped me to make my dream come true so we offered really cheap and interesting event which gathered 140 skiers and snowboarders for closing snow season in one of the best European snowparks with possibilities to learn, live and partying together"
    Iryna Bushkova
    Organizer of snowboarding and wakeboarding camps in Europe

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  • Worldwide community of people passionate with traveling
    Community of travelers who see the world beautiful and share their view to others with a big pleasure. Inspiring reviews, photo & video from thousand of experienced travelers.
  • Tons of useful tips and inside information
    People who love home country and can show its beauty for visitors, share unique experience, access to secret and cool places.
  • Experience in independent traveling
    There are people who travel on their own and are ready to support with planning of individual trips and consult other travelers
  • Direct access to locals in any country
    Travelers use services and offers of locals in countries while traveling and can recommend trustworthy people in almost every country in the world.
  • Benefits for traveling
    We know how to get the most beneficial conditions from hotels, restaurants, airlines. You will get to know how to travel for free and sometimes even get paid for travel.
  • Various fun and events around the globe
    All community memebers will have access to organizing and taking part in contests, expeditions and quests in different places worldwide.

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